Areas of competence

We provide advice to our clients on the basis of legal and corporate expertise, combined with individuality, creativity and accuracy.

Where necessary, we consult our national and international cooperation partners, including those from other specialist areas. Our activities are focused on the interests of our clients.


Success through commitment

As a law firm, we are flexible, mobile and directly accessible, working with a precise and goal-oriented focus on behalf of our clients.

We see our clients’ success as our success, and we achieve this through competence, a high level of commitment and goal-oriented decision-making and action.

Company law / M&A:

Company law is the core area of our specialisation. Our principal activities include the drafting of simple and complex memorandums and articles of association (limited liability companies, partnerships), as well as providing legal advice to companies and shareholders.

Providing legal advice to national and international financial investors in relation to all aspects of company acquisitions, the development and provision of advice in connection with capital market products, private equity and venture capital transactions, as well as providing legal advice in connection with disputes between shareholders.

Performance of due diligence reviews.

Banking law / financing:

Providing legal advice to banks, funds and companies within the banking and financial sectors, as well as in connection with financing instruments. Supporting banks and financial investors in enforcing their claims, both in and out of court.

Insolvency law and restructuring:

Providing legal advice to creditors and debtors in crisis and in insolvency. Many years of experience as insolvency administrators and debtor’s representative. Provision of goal-oriented advice on restructuring in crises, as well as in connection with the enforcement of claims by debtors. Representing the interests of banks and financial institutions in corporate crises and in insolvency.

Employment law:

Providing advice in relation to employment law for employers and employees; drafting employment contracts, management and CEO service agreements, advice in connection with the sale of businesses, restructuring measures, terminations of employment and redundancies;

due diligence reviews in connection with employment law;

proceedings before industrial tribunals, employment-related arbitration proceedings, mediation

Property law:

Providing legal advice in connection with the purchase and sale of property of all kinds, advising landlords and tenants both in and out of court.

Contract law:

drafting contracts, as well as providing advice in connection with existing contracts, termination of contracts in all of our areas of competence, in particular:

  • memorandums and articles of association, syndication agreements, participation agreements
  • assignment agreements, cooperation agreements, joint venture agreements
  • distribution agreements, distributor agreements, commercial agent agreements, franchise agreements
  • property purchase agreements, tenancy agreements, leasing agreements
  • employment contracts, service agreements, management service agreements
  • licence agreements
  • purchase contracts
  • mortgage agreements, financing agreements, liquidation agreements
  • option agreements
  • energy contracts
Cartel law, competition law:

Providing legal advice to Austrian and international clients in areas relating to national and European competition law and in matters relating to cartel law, as well as assistance in connection with cartel legislation compliance programmes.

Conduct of legal and arbitration proceedings:

Counselling and representing clients in legal proceedings relating to the different areas of competence, before Austrian courts but also in an international context. We strive to bring about economically-oriented solutions in the interest of the client, including in cases where legal proceedings are pending. Representation in arbitration proceedings before national and international arbitration tribunals.

Administrative law:

Providing legal advice and representing clients before the competent administrative authorities and courts in matters relating to administrative law, in particular industrial law, building law, the law relating to mineral raw materials, the law relating to associations and assemblies, as well as land transaction law.

Collection of debts:

Assisting clients with the collection of debts, both in and out of court, supported through specially trained staff and software; enforcement of claims in execution and insolvency proceedings.

Intellectual property law:

Providing legal advice in connection with all matters relating to intellectual property law (trademarks, patterns, patents, utility models, copyrights), as well as in the area of e-commerce and the internet.

Foundations and inheritance law:

Providing legal advice to foundations and founders, assumption of membership of governing boards. Asset planning in connection with inheritance issues, enforcement of claims under inheritance law and the law relating to legal portion.

Distribution law:

Providing legal advice to companies and distribution partners as well as commercial agents, authorised dealers and franchise partners, and, in particular, in cross-border contexts.

Insurance law:

Advising and representing insurance companies, legal and recovery proceedings in insurance matters.

New energies:

Providing legal advice in connection with project planning and implementation in the field of so-called new energies such as, in particular, photovoltaic installations, solar installations, biomass power plants, etc. Development of complex structures in the area of financing, advising on and drafting contracts.